Topped Cupcakes - Blue (6 pieces)

Kies een smaak Cake

These cupcakes are piped with vanilla cream and decorated with a blue macaron, chocolate, sprinkles and meringue foam! A cupcake party!

These decorated cupcakes are known to us as 'topped cupcakes', because the cream is topped with treats. The cupcakes are piped with vanilla cream and finished with a blue macaron (with gold glitter), chocolate, sprinkles and meringue foam! A cupcake party! The macarons on the cupcakes are handmade and are an extra to this sweet.

You can choose from one of three standard cake types, namely:
Red Velvet

We have the decorated cupcakes in different colors, of which the blue is a version. You can find the other versions here:

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Topped Cupcakes Pink (6 pieces
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It is best to store the decorated cupcakes in the refrigerator. They taste best at room temperature. Once the cake and cream are nice and soft, you have the ultimate taste experience. They are delicious for a (small) party, with coffee or perhaps as a dessert?

If you want to complement the cupcakes with a beautiful cake or other sweets, take a look at the following matching products:

You can order up to 48 hours in advance. We always recommend ordering earlier, because we can become full and we will stop taking orders. Even if the 48 hours have not yet expired. Ordering a week in advance is always a smart idea!
These decorated cupcakes are also very suitable as a gift or surprise for someone. This will definitely put a smile on someone's face. Would you like to add a card to your order? This is also possible at Sweet Vibes!