Sweet Vibes Story

In 2014, Fayelicious was founded by Faye, a CakeStudio company
focused on creating beautiful wedding cakes and sweet tables.
Faye & her team put a lot of energy into every project. Despite the many
hours and challenges, the highlight was always the moment when
customers saw their perfect wedding cakes.

In 2016, Fayelicious was nominated for the Dutch Wedding Awards,
an appreciation for their dedication and craftsmanship. Although they don't
won, it was a start for the Sweet Vibes idea. This new
concept was aimed at creating contemporary, high-quality cakes
and pastries for special events. The idea behind Sweet Vibes was
to create a feeling of joy and bliss with every pastry or cake

With this vision, the team began exploring new flavors and...
developing unique creations. The launch of Sweet Vibes attracted a lot of attention
quickly acquired a loyal customer base, with great appreciation for them
refined and tasty products.

In addition to the regular treats, Sweet Vibes also started with the
catering for larger corporate events and special occasions
for the business market. With every product they strive to create a moment
of happiness and satisfaction.

The growth of Sweet Vibes has made it a household name
place is where people come together to celebrate and enjoy
carefully prepared sweets. The team is proud of their achievements and
looks forward to future opportunities.

Why Sweet Vibes?

Baked with love

All cakes are made by hand. This is of course done with love!


More than 7 years of experience in the field. And we learn every day!

Freshly delivered

All cakes are delivered fresh to your home!

Pay easily and securely

At Sweet Vibes you can pay easily and securely online via IDeal!

Pick up order

Would you rather pick up your order? This is also possible. With a centrally located location you can pick up your order at your specified time!


At Sweet Vibes we try to prevent waste and use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. We do this by carefully separating waste and also applying a no waste policy by offering all products made in excess via To Good To go.