Terms and Conditions - Sweet Vibes Bakery


1. 1 If applicable, the customer will receive a quote and conditions by email from Sweet Vibes.

1.2 After receiving the quotation, the customer confirms whether the details mentioned in the quotation are correct.

1.3 Request to change details in the quotation is possible, but changes depend on the availability and capabilities of Sweet Vibes and may incur costs

Order and payment

2.1 Orders are placed via the webshop or after approval of a written quotation, unless otherwise agreed

2.2 The quotation is sent by email and will be confirmed by the customer by email.

2.3 Payment must be made before delivery of the product, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.4 In case of cancellation by the customer up to 14 days before delivery, after written confirmation, 10% of the agreed total amount will be charged.

If you cancel 14 to 5 days before delivery, 25% of the agreed amount will be charged.

If you cancel 5 to 2 days before delivery, 50% of the agreed amount will be charged.

If you cancel up to 2 days before delivery, the customer owes Sweet Vibes the full total amount.

2.5 Changes to the design, after approval of the agreement, depend on the availability and possibility of Sweet Vibes, and may lead to additional costs.


3.1 Sweet Vibes makes every effort to deliver a high-quality product, but cannot be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances, such as transport problems, accidents, labor disputes or strikes, extreme weather and other causes beyond the control of Sweet Vibes.

3.2 A delay in delivery will not be a ground for a discount or refund.

3.3 Sweet Vibes is not responsible for damage to the delivered product caused by a guest, caterer or persons other than the Sweet Vibes team. This also includes the external delivery service.

3.4 The customer is responsible for ensuring a safe place where delivered products can be kept.

3.5 Ownership of the product transfers from Sweet Vibes to the customer once the product has been delivered to location.


4.1 The customer will be informed of non-edible decorations and, after receiving the product, is responsible for removing all non-edible decorations from the cake before cutting and/or consuming the product.

4.2 Sweet Vibes advises the customer on the best care for the products, based on certain weather conditions. If the customer chooses not to follow this advice, Sweet Vibes cannot be held responsible for any consequences. See: advice, at the bottom of this page

4.3 Sweet Vibes products may contain (traces of) dairy, nuts, grains, cocoa and/or other allergens. Sweet Vibes is not responsible for possible allergic reactions


5.1 If there is a complaint about the delivered product, Sweet Vibes must be notified within 3 working days. Sweet Vibes looks at how each complaint is resolved.

5. 2 It can always happen that something doesn't go exactly as planned. We recommend that you first report any complaints to us by emailing info@sweetvibes.nl. If this does not lead to a solution, it is possible to register your dispute for mediation via Stichting WebwinkelKeur via https://www.webwinkelkeur.nl/kennisbank/consumenten/geschil . From February 15, 2016, consumers in the EU will also be able to register complaints via the European Commission's ODR platform. This ODR platform can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/odr . If your complaint is not yet being processed elsewhere, you are free to file your complaint via the European Union platform.

Product rights

6.1 Sweet Vibes reserves the right to use photos of the product for promotional purposes without compensation.


7.1 Sweet Vibes reserves the right to make last minute decisions about the design with the aim of guaranteeing the quality standard. The customer will be informed of this if possible, but will not always be able to influence the decision made by Sweet Vibes.

7.2 Cake pieces are calculated as standard as 2.5 cm x 5.0 cm x 10 cm (W x L x H)

7.3 By confirming the quotation with an agreement via email, the customer agrees to the content of the quotation and the general terms and conditions of Sweet Vibes.

Return products

8.1 When placing a product that does not have an expiration date, you have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receipt without giving any reason. After cancellation you have another 14 days to return your product. You will then be credited with the full order amount including shipping costs. Only the costs for returning from your home to the online store are at your own expense. These costs amount to approximately €7.25 per package, consult your carrier's website for the exact rates. If you exercise your right of withdrawal, the product will be returned to the entrepreneur with all accessories supplied and - if reasonably possible - in the original condition and packaging. To exercise this right, please contact us at info@sweetvibes.nl. We will then refund the order amount due within 14 days after registering your return, provided that the product has already been returned in good order.

8.2 When placing an order, you must take into account that most products you purchase through this online store have a limited shelf life and therefore cannot be returned. The right of withdrawal therefore does not apply. The sale is final after successful payment.

Advice on behalf of Sweet Vibes:

* It is important that the products are kept in the refrigerator after receipt until they are cut or consumed, unless otherwise stated by Sweet Vibes.

* Under normal weather conditions, the products can be presented outside the refrigerator 60 minutes before the moment of cutting.

* In extremely hot weather it is recommended not to keep the products out of the refrigerator for longer than 20 minutes.

* The products should not be presented in full sun.

* The cake is easiest to cut with a knife intended for this purpose

* The knife can be heated in warm water (and should be dried), which allows it to move easily through the cake and does not place a lot of pressure on the cake.