Cookies & Cream Cake

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This one is for the OREO LOVERS out there! A soft vanilla cake with an oh-so-delicious OREO filling. The cake is decorated with oreo crumbs along the side, lots of oreo pieces on top and an indispensable drizzle of chocolate.

This is specially designed for true OREO lovers who cannot resist the temptation of this iconic cookie! Our tasty soft vanilla cake is generously filled with a sensational OREO filling. With every bite you can taste the combination of the soft cake and the OREOs that provide a flavor explosion.

The cake is artfully decorated with crunchy OREO crumbs along the sides, giving every bite a crunchy twist. On top of the cake you'll find an abundance of OREO pieces, but they also add an extra dimension of flavor and texture.

And let's not forget the irresistible drizzle of flavorful chocolate, which adds the perfect finishing touch to this masterful creation. The combination of vanilla, OREOs and chocolate creates a harmonious interplay of flavors and textures.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, having a party or just want to treat yourself, our Cookies & Cream cake is the ultimate treat that will delight OREO fans. Experience the magic of OREOs in every delicious bite and enjoy a taste experience you won't soon forget.

Let this delicious cake pamper your senses and enchant your guests with the irresistible taste of OREO in every perfect slice. Taste the deliciousness of our Cookies & Cream cake and make every moment a sweet memory.

Let yourself and your loved ones be enchanted by the harmony of flavors and textures that this cake offers. In short: order our tasty Cookies & Cream cake today! And give yourself the ultimate treat that OREO LOVERS can only dream of.

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